We repair and replace damaged and broken leaf springs on any vehicle. If your vehicle is sagging or seems to be weighted down in the front or back, you should bring it in. We also build up leaf springs. We stock a wide variety of springs for different vehicles and can special order or make springs ourselves in our blacksmith shop if we don't have what you need. Whether you are looking for something common or obscure, we can get you what you need.

We also offer complete suspension overhauls on trucks and trailers, re-bushing service, re-arching of springs, custom leaf springs and coil springs, u-bolts, bushings, helper springs and all suspension components.

Spring Services Include:

  • Extensive inventory of leaf springs for almost any vehicle
  • Leaf springs customized to meet your specifications
  • Leaf springs re-arched
  • Extra leaves added to increase load capacity
  • U-bolts made to order
  • Utility trailer springs
  • Spring pins and bushings
  • Shackles and shackle pins
  • Center bolts and shackle bolts
  • Spring hangers
  • OEM and super duty coil springs
  • Walking beams
  • Timbren ride control and suspension boosters for medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Heavy duty helper spring kits
  • A wide range of suspension components including shackle kits, hangers, bushings, saddles and trunions
  • Air ride suspensions