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Alignment & Suspension Services

Have you ever been driving down the road and felt like your car wanted to go in a different direction than you did? Was it pulling to one side or the other when you wanted to go straight? Or maybe it didn't feel or sound right when you hit bumps? If you are experiencing these or similar problems with your vehicle, it may be time for you to bring it in to Palmer Spring Company for an alignment or to check your suspension system. For your safety and to give you proper control over your car, help your car absorb bumps, and steer accurately, your suspension system must be working properly and your alignment should be checked.

We specialize in 4 wheel alignments and suspensions. We can diagnose and repair any problem you are having with your car and get you back on the road and driving safely. Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system, we are equipped to diagnose and fix the problem. We have a modern, state of the art, computerized alignment system and trained technicians that can correct any alignment issues you may have.

If you are experiencing pulling, bouncing, front-end noises, steering control issues or excessive tire wear, bring your vehicle in and we can quickly diagnose any problems and get you safely back on the road. It is to your benefit to get your alignment checked regularly because a poor alignment can cause poor gas mileage, wear and tear on parts, and extra tire wear. Alignments are an important part of your car's maintenance.

Bring your car into Palmer Spring Company to get it done right the first time.